Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ah, "yes" is a word with a glorious ring!

A true universal, euphonious thing!

Engenders embracing and chasing of blues!

The very best word for the whole world to use!

My favorite number is 18
I like rocks and beads and fabric. fabric.

PRESENTATION OF PHOTOS: cardboard box clusters as frames
photos and drawings? mixed media maybe.

graffiti torn posters. transitioning billboards. aspects of collage. juxtaposition of ideas. layering. thoughts stacked. collage. urban aspects. telephone poles. cityscapes.. ^^torn posters. media flashes. hyperstimulation vs. zen

pattternedness of it. geometric like barry mcgee. clusters. like piles of hangers.

Photography: WATER. raindrops on windows.
reflections. light reflections in glass. distortions between screens. water patterns. oil and water. marbling. (faces/pictures/recognizable things within patterns of oil/water) mokume gane*soap film. trees. roots. cancerous growths. lace mushrooms bridal veil mushrooms. banyan trees. root/branches.
red glow of brake lights at night.

serieses of paintings
harajuku girls/punk girls/tattooed ladies/pierced faces
tattooed paper dolls.
sugar skulls
lucha libre
cuts. stitches. scars. really gross things. dripping out of mouths.
cakes. cupcakes. desserts.

face paint. ceremonial costume. feathers. tribal adornment. body modification. face tattoos.
carnivale masks. festivals parades costume.
child art. basquiat. crude. fingerpainting. robots. sketchy cartoons. 6883361
text. words. illustrated phrases.
butterfly wings face. on chest on burlesque model.
burlesque. girls with neon make-up. jefree star. drag.

performers. burlesque. circus. carnies. make-up. drag. play costumes. costume design. set design. lighting. dancers. go-go. sets, stairs.

scary: invoke fear.-hating cops?
MONSTERS. DEMONS. OGRES. GOBLINS. st. anthony tormented.
yellow submarine faces. mars and beyond grosz. MASKS. all cultures.northwest coast art. african art. abstracted faces
TOTEM POLES. cartoons. stuffed animals.

lips and teeth. mouths. screaming mouths. snarling. distorted. shiny lips. orange lipstick.
jason horowitz. sexoteric blog.

dirty comics. dirty cartoons. monsters raping girls.
porn. graphic/censored. blurred out.

gross things. glass eyeballs w/diseases. cartoon close-ups. Ren Stimpy. spongebob. flapjack. beat up faces. joel-peter witkin's list.
anatomical deformities. Newborn Babies, covered in goop. placenta.

prehistoric animals

do you know what we're supposed to be doing?
you can have whatever you like. blue and pink.
no one has time
everyone's new favorite thing
not worth it
what are you waiting for?
is there any way. . .
go get your own

pink and grey stripes
dark olive green. tan/organge, red and navy blue
white and pale yellowmostly
white with specks/splotches of color.
rollar disco lights silver pink orange

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