Monday, February 7, 2011


Totem pole
foothills of the headlands*
sweets monster
bridal veil mushroom
motivation-start today
baby taz
baby donald duck angel and devil
sad clown
marijuana clown
badass skulls- rot
face tattoo tattoo
st anthony tormented by demons
fried egg on a plate without the plate
mars and beyond aliens
johnny and alice blue bonnet
edith ann

aesop rock, royksopp, jethro tull, bell and sebastian, simon and garfunkul, Lamb, telepopmusik, James Brown, wilco, eisley, cat power, nick drake, the knife, casey neill, elliott smith, tipper, the beatles, sublime, grateful dead, bach, bob marley, the postal service, the doors, Mirah, matisyahu, coldplay, burial, the gorillaz, billie holiday, saul williams, flogging molly, the streets, bassnectar, rebecca pearcy, rilo kiley, bjork, the beastie boys, imogen heap, the mars volta, muse, fiona apple, electric six, the unicorns, ugly casanova, tenacious D, janis joplin, atmosphere, norah jones, ween, blondie, cake, heart, social distortion, the yeah yeah yeahs, crystal method, neutral milk hotel, le tigre, imogen heap, frank zappa, DJ Shadow, venetian snares, tool, BT, Bright Eyes, Air, Azure Ray, Blackalicious, edison gem, The Blow, The Boards of Canada, cake, The Chemical Brothers, death cab for cutie, daft Punk, The Gorillaz, The flaming lips, ..

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