Monday, November 29, 2010

super cute little dress w/yellow bows - little girl slip-ons and fox stuffed animals - a gorgeous little small little girl

Fashion. Blueberry Fashion. Jetsons fashion. 90s fantasy fashion. plaid field fashion. romantic fantasy smile photography. kitsch romance. hipster lovers in a cafe. ART DOLLS. Cloud with a face.
Photograph Jordan. Bright. Sunshine
skeleton drawings. Things that can be missed
Birds in flight photos. Vintage circus fashion. Greatest show on earth fashion. surreal jeweled costume. cocopelli. layered prints. delicate fur fashion. sentimental fashion. sentimental fur. SOME THINGS THAT HAPPEN ARE REALLY WONDERFUL. flower arrangements. Sun + Moon. surreal fashion. EAR HAT fashion. kawaii fashion. Urban palimpsest
Cream fashion. sexy daemon
kitsch faerie. sexy purple fairy. Goth faerie. Rainbow faerie. moth faerie. DIVA fierce fashion. Fashion irony. Art Fag. WORK WORK WORK. Ram horn decoration. horned fashion. many little boxes. decorative boxes. little purse with Big Scissors. naive artwork. TCC library. express affection/appreciation for Jordan. Burlesque. Anselm Kiefer

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