Thursday, November 26, 2009

Avoiding things, then doing them

"you will get better at life"
this is what my mother tells me.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I ate a big delicious meal and shared in some family awkwardness. Even though I love them all, being around my family always makes me feel bumbling, blubbering and inept. I wish I could be more present for these events- make the most out of them like make conversation with my family who I don't get to see that often. I should practice this more: engaging people. I did have a sort of epiphany while I was thinking about how delightful it must be for my uncle bobby to have his little granddaughters, and to play with them, and I related that to my wonderous, monumental imagination- and how it was nutured and fostered by my family- that web of support. Maybe that's what it's all about, producing little minds who will go forth to have thier private ecstacy.

web exploring today- which is mainly what this blog is about

found these painting by Thomas Farnsworth
you can see more here

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